Update: Composer on Board!

We’re making excellent progress on the documentary; things are moving fast and furious now! We’re working hard to dot all the Ts and cross all the eyes (wait, that’s not how that goes…). Our post schedule now has us working with our composer. Of course, we will have great swing music in the film, but we still need to score the narrative sections of the film.

It has been exciting to have someone compose music just for our scenes as we start to replace our temp music. We have been working on different musical themes for our characters. Our favorite so far is Frankie’s theme.

Here’s the composer’s work space, and you can (kinda) see the lovely Norma Miller in the screenshot from the movie!

We also wanted to let you know about a project that you might be interested in. It is also a dance film that’s in the works, a feature salsa film based on an award winning short. It’s currently at 70% on Kickstarter. Give it a look: “SHINE” on Kickstarter.

Have a great remainder of the summer and we will be in touch soon!

Team Swing