The Force Is With Us! Skywalker Ranch

We have exciting news!

You may have heard of Skywalker Ranch, George Lucas’ facility that does the sound for very big budget movies and has won 18 Academy Awards. As their schedule allows, they will, on rare occasions, take on a small film they really like for an insanely reduced rate. We just found out they really love our film and want to do our sound. This is a huge step forward for us and we are thrilled to be working with Skywalker.

The force is with us!

But this also means we need to expedite our sound related post-production to be ready for them. As you know, our Kickstarter campaign was to get us to a rough cut. Since then, we raised additional funds to finish editing, get a picture lock, and start post-production. Skywalker has a slot for us at the beginning of August so we need to raise money now.

Please consider making a donation on our website. Whatever you can do will be extremely helpful.

Thanks so much!

Team Swing