Brasil Swing Out Extravaganza

In 2013, BSOE will take place in Rio de Janeiro on October 10, 11, 12 and 13 and will celebrate The Golden Era of Jazz!

The Lindy Hop community in Brazil has been growing over the years and to meet the aspirations of the Brazilian hoppers, was born the Brazil Swing Out Extravaganza, a historic festival of Lindy Hop in Brazil!

Brazil Swing Out Extravaganza (BSOE) is the international Lindy Hop festival in Brazil and the main purpose of this event is to bring together lovers and those who are interested in Lindy Hop, as well as disseminate the culture of this fun and engaging dance.

This year BSOE will celebrate the Golden Era of Jazz and there is nothing better than having Dawn Hampton, Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg to kick off this event! BSOE will feature live bands, shows, lectures, exhibitions, beach parties and much more!

Check the website for details: Brasil Swing Out Extravaganza 2013

Event date: October 10-13, 2013

Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

Dance passes available: 5 passes

Price of pass: $180/pass